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ABC Selects Chyron for On-Air Graphics

After trial runs on Monday Night Football
and coverage of the Indy 500, ABC has chosen the Chyron Duet video platform and Chyron Aprisa digital disk recorders and still stores as the on-air graphics systems for its New York and Washington operations.

Hitachi Shows DVD Camcorder

At the NAB convention, Hitachi Denshi America Ltd.'s Broadcast & Professional Group will demonstrate a one-piece DVD-RAM camcorder with a 1/4-inch IT (interline transfer) CCD, 60 minutes of record time in high-quality mode (120 minutes in standard mode), a built-in image stabilizer and a 12:1 zoom lens.

Also included with the DZ-MV100A camcorder is disk-navigation software that provides immediate and random access editing to any scene recorded on the disk. Editing can be done directly from the camcorder's LCD screen. The suggested list price is $2,000.

SMPTE 360M Approved

The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) has approved the first standard to define a media-exchange format for disk-based products such as servers and non-linear editors. Called SMPTE 360M, the new standard is based on a file format developed by engineers at the Grass Valley Group to facilitate industry-wide interoperability with the company's Profile video server and other devices. SMPTE 360M has already been implemented over a wide variety of transport layers and tested in hundreds of installations with multiple manufacturers' gear.