Bresnan Upgrades Web Portal With Synacor

Bresnan Communications has launched an enhanced broadband portal based on Synacor's Web software, the companies announced Monday.

Synacor is providing the content-management back-end system for the MSO, as well as Web video and other content. Google is now the default search provider for the portal.

The site also lets Bresnan subscribers to search their local channel listings and will eventually allow searching across video-on-demand selections. In the near future, the cable provider plans to add family, educational and games content through Synacor's partners.

"Bresnan Communications continually seeks new ways to increase the value of our broadband product for our users," Bresnan vice president Gus Chimos said in a statement. "Synacor services will help us to offer a wider, more compelling array of information and entertainment on our portal in a highly functional platform."

Bresnan currently serves more than 300,000 customers in Colorado, Montana, Wyoming and Utah.

Other Synacor customers include Time Warner Cable and Charter Communications.