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Branded Content Leaderboard: For Big Brands, Tasty Makes a Delicious Partner

MCN has teamed up with social video analytics company Tubular Labs for a recurring look at how various content creators are deploying video to reach audiences online. In this brand-focused edition, a look at the success that big brands have had partnering with BuzzFeed’s Tasty (note that this article focuses on the main Tasty property and does not include stats around the other spin-offs such as Proper Tasty, Tasty Vegetarian, etc). As you may imagine, for food and beverage companies in particular, working with Tasty is a natural fit.

In April, Tasty posted seven branded content videos on Facebook, racking up an impressive 39.5 million views. And although this publisher is predominantly known for its focus on food, four out of the six brands it worked with have been beverage brands: Milk (aka the California Milk Processor Board), 7UP, Don Julio Tequila and Seagram’s 7.

Tasty and its partners have been getting into the warm-weather mood with multiple how-to videos that focus on summery drinks. And while there’s the requisite installment of “cheesy pull-apart” goodness (a Tasty staple), it’s a potato dish sponsored by Milk that has generated the most views (12 million).

Tasty’s recent branded content videos ranked by total views:

1. Queso? Potatoes? Say no more. Serve this with a glass of real milk for the perfect dinner.

Partner: Milk

Facebook Views: 12 million

2. Cheesy Pull-Apart Bread With Tomato Soup Fondue

Partner: Cooper Cheese

Facebook Views: 10.8 million

3. What kid doesn't love mac 'n' cheese!?

Partner: Milk

Facebook Views: 5.5 million

4. 7UP Clubhouse Sangria

Partner: 7UP

Facebook Views: 4.1 million

5. Pretty Simple Drinks

Partner: Don Julio Tequila

Facebook Views: 3 million

6. Make this KILLER Turkey and Veggie Sheet-Pan Panini

Partner: Dave’s Killer Bread

Facebook Views: 2.1 million

7. 7&7 Slushie

Partner: Seagram’s 7

Facebook Views: 2 million