Boston Strangler case lives on

WBZ-TV Boston producer Casey Sherman's quest to prove that "Boston Strangler" Albert DeSalvo was not the killer of Sherman's aunt in 1964, and bring to justice the man he believes was the real killer, took a step forward last week.

When the body of Mary Sullivan, said to be the Strangler's last victim, was exhumed, forensic scientists said her skull showed no signs of a blow to the head; contrary to DeSalvo's contention that he knocked her unconscious. "This all but excludes DeSalvo from my aunt's murder," Sherman said. "Now let's prove who did it."

Sherman said he believes he knows who the killer is, and has spoken with him. Sherman's family - joined by DeSalvo's - has sued the state to further investigate then-19-year-old Sullivan's murder. The state says the investigation remains open.

Local reports said that the state's DNA testing on recently discovered fluid samples taken from Sullivan's body was inconclusive. Sherman said his family now seeks a court order to get their suspect's DNA. - Dan Trigoboff