Book Delves Into Next Generation IPTV Services

A new book from an international technology expert lays out many of the specs behind the IPTV transition.

Gerald O’Driscoll’s Next Generation IPTV Services and Technologies, published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. aims to help professionals at cable and telco distributors, broadcasters, media firms, wireless providers, Internet portals and video production outfits meet the demands of designing, implementing and supporting end-to-end IPTV networking infrastructures.

O'Driscoll said the book examines IPTV network distribution technologies; IPTV real-time encoding and transportation; IPTV consumer devices, IPTV conditional access and digital-rights management systems, the delivery of video-on-demand over IP networks; and broadcasting linear programming over IPTV.

In addition, the publication serves as a single reference guide for: techniques for speeding up IPTV channel changing times; IPTVCD software architecture; home media networking; IP-based high-definition TV; interactive IPTV applications, and tips for daily management of an IPTV network.

“The television entertainment industry is currently experiencing a major transformation due to improvements in video compression techniques and the steady rise of broadband penetration,” said O’Driscoll in a statement. “This book is an integral part of this transformation and provides telecom operators, wireless mobile providers, cable TV companies, media companies, broadcasters, video production companies, and Internet portal companies with the technical information needed to help ensure their IPTV networks are well designed and run efficiently with minimal operational costs.”