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Bob Schieffer Speaks Out About Imus

Face The Nation moderator Bob Schieffer defended the embattled Don Imus calling him “a very good man" and “an old friend” who had “raised millions” for various charities. But the veteran CBS News Washington correspondent also condemned the embattled radio host’s racist remarks.

Schieffer said he was sad to see what his friend’s career put in jeopardy by his remarks, but that his prime concern was for the women of the Rutgers team Imus had so maligned by referring to them as “nappy headed hoes.”

“I hate what he said and can’t defend it in anyway,” said Schieffer. “We all need to be more sensitive here. You simply can’t make fun of young people, whether they are black, white, purple or green. If you’re going to pick on somebody, pick on somebody like me.”

Schieffer stopped short of saying Imus should be fired from his radio post or whether MSNBC made the right decision to stop simulcasting his show. “It would be inappropriate for me to say,” said Schieffer. The veteran CBS newsman noted that both he and Imus work for the same parent company.  

“This is a sad situation,” said Schieffer.

On hand at Television Advertising Bureau’s annual conference in New York to accept the organization's “Broadcast Excellence Award,”  Schieffer made his remarks at a luncheon Q&A with Inside Edition host Deborah Norville.