Blue Stream Makes 1-Gig Waves

BlueStream, an operator formerly known as Advanced Cable Communications, this week launched a 1-Gig broadband service and a new TiVo-powered video offering in Coral Springs, and Weston, Fla.

Blue Stream is selling the 1-Gig (downstream) service (with a 35 Mbps upstream)  for $59.95 per month for the first 24 months. The regular price for 1-Gig is $109.95 per month. 

The TiVo-based service allows subs to record up to six shows at once, and will be integrating access to OTT services like Netflix and YouTube this summer. 

“We are thrilled that we can now offer residents and businesses the fastest Internet speeds,” Joe Canavan, Blue Stream’s COO, said in a statement. “People are crying out for the fastest Internet and best TV experience, and as a local business, we are delighted to answer that call.”