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Blankom Downsizes Edge QAMs

Blankom USA has introduced a family of edge QAM modulators, with either 8, 16 or 24 channels, designed for small cable operators.

"If you have only 60 to 70 digital channels, you can't afford a 128-channel QAM device," said Gerhard Franz, CEO of Blankom USA. "We can provide the smaller cable operator the same economies of scale that a large MSO enjoys."

Typically, the smallest bank of QAM modulators available on the market is 32 channels. The modular EQM100 carries list prices of $5,655 for 8 channels; $9,715 for 16 channels; and $13,920 for 24 channels.

The Blankom solution includes the EQM100 family of edge QAM modulators and Blankom's DIX 200 remultiplexer.

The products are designed to support both private cable networks as well as independent cable operators who want to take advantage of the cost savings of video distribution over existing fiber-optic IP networks. The DIX remultiplexer is used for regrouping transport streams in a central headend, all in IP, should an operator completely transition its plant to IP.

Blankom USA, which sells turnkey cable headend solutions, is the U.S. arm of Germany's Blankom group. Blankom has more than 10,000 headend systems installed worldwide.

The company expects to demonstrate the EdgeQAM modulator at the ACA Summit in Washington, D.C., next week.