Bingo TV builds momentum

Bingo Television, a prospective fall 2001 syndicated series where viewers play bingo off their TV screens for prizes, has nabbed clearances in several key markets.

But it's is still on the hunt for critical homes in New York and Los Angeles.

One thorn in Bingo's side is the fact that New York has an old gambling law in its books that outlaws public bingo playing. However, the series distributor, Mansfield Television, has hired a lobbying firm, Powers, Crane and Company, to push for the passage of a bill that would let the show go on. Apparently, the bill, introduced in March to the New York state legislature, would allow for bingo playing if gamers can participate for free.

In Bingo, viewers would get their game cards at no charge by calling a toll-free phone number. Stations currently on board for the show include WCIU-TV Chicago, WTVE-TV Philadelphia and WNDS-TV Boston. Mansfield expects to snag both Los Angeles and New York clearances before Bingo's launch next fall.
- Susanne Ault