Bigwigs get PROMAX pass

Jim Chabin, the once and current executive director of PROMAX/BDA, has hit on
a novel way to boost attendance at this year's show (June 4 through 6 in Los Angeles).

"A lot of general managers think these marketing conferences are a waste of
time, a big party, so you know what, we'll let them in free and let them see for
themselves," he said.

The same deal holds true for the presidents of cable networks.

Just bring a business card and a photo ID, and boss, you'll be comped.

That's a considerable savings over the discount rate for PROMAX of $695. (And
frankly, there usually is at least one really good party, and some good
marketing strategy sessions, too.)

Chabin led PROMAX from 1992 through 1999, then left to become president and chief operating officer of the
Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. He rejoined PROMAX last October.

Also new this year: PROMAX has eliminated its exhibition hall, small as that
space was.

But it is also likely to expand its regional seminars from last year's four
(New York, Chicago, Atlanta and Dallas) by adding three more in Seattle, Denver and
San Francisco or Las Vegas.