BigBand Embeds IPTV Into Cable Modems, DRM

BigBand Networks said it has integrated its IPTV-delivery technology for cable operators with several modem, silicon and digital rights management partners, including Texas Instruments and Netgear.

The company's vIP PASS solution delivers IP-based video directly to DOCSIS devices on the customer premises side -- bypassing a cable modem termination system -- using a proprietary technique that BigBand says is 75% less expensive than pumping video through the CMTS.

BigBand said vIP PASS doesn't modify any DOCSIS 3.0 modem software; however, the solution requires an agent on the consumer premises equipment to receive video. To that end, the vendor has integrated vIP PASS with DOCSIS 3.0 cable modems and gateway technologies from Netgear, Mplus Technology, Hitron Technologies and SerComm, along with DOCSIS 3.0 chipsets from Texas Instruments.

While BigBand hasn't announced deals with Arris, Cisco Systems or Motorola -- three of the largest cable-modem suppliers -- each of those manufacturers uses TI silicon in certain of their products.

On the DRM front, BigBand said vIP PASS has been integrated with Widevine Technologies' multiplatform content-security solutions.

"IPTV is not about the technology," BigBand vice president of marketing John Holobinko said. "Rather, it's about the underlying promise of being able to easily move video to multiple destinations securely and cost-effectively, be it TV services to the PC or PC content to the TV or mobile devices."