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Big River Telephone Goes On Safari

Big River Telephone Company, a telecommunications company that provides voice-over-IP services to small cable operators, is delivering wholesale services Cedar Point Communications' phone switching system.

St. Louis-based Big River Telephone, in addition to providing residential and commercial phone and data services, also provides back-office support and service to cable operators including NewWave Communications, Metrocast, US Cable, Allegiance Communications and Eagle Communications. Big River provides billing systems network connectivity for voice traffic, hosted IP services, support for operations and marketing, and technical support.

The telecommunications firm is deploying Cedar Point's Safari C3 Multimedia Switching System and expects to use the platform to introduce new network architectures include PacketCable 2.0 and IP Multimedia Subsystem.

"Small= and medium-sized operators understand the financial value of communications services, but often find it challenging to assemble the resources and expertise necessary to deliver a high-quality product," Kevin Cantwell, president of Big River Telephone, said in a statement. "By working together with Cedar Point, we are combining our own in-house expertise and the simplicity, reliability and cost-effectiveness of Safari C3 to enable operators to quickly deploy services that are superior to those of incumbent providers."