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Bewkes: Despite Online Growth, Pay TV Still Thrives

Time Warner Inc. chairman and CEO Jeff Bewkes said that
fears that the rising cost of pay TV would price a growing number of consumers
out of the multichannel universe have proven unwarranted, adding at an industry
conference that the ay TV bundle is more attractive now than it has ever been.

"We don't think the multichannel bundle is becoming less of
a good deal, we think it's getting to be a better deal and we think it's
getting to be a better deal in the opinion of consumers," Bewkes said at the
Deutsche Bank dbAccess conference in Palm Beach. Fla., Monday.

Bewkes said the relative lack of cord-cutting, rising
penetration rates for pay TV, increased viewing hours for consumers and the
increase of quality programming across a wide range of networks all back up
that claim.

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