Best Buy To Build HDTV With TiVo's Interface, But No DVR

Best Buy has decided to go ahead on a project to build the TiVo software and services into the retail chain's Insignia line of broadband-connected HDTVs -- but the new product won't include any DVR functions, features for which TiVo is best known.

Best Buy plans to offer the CinemaNow video-on-demand service through the new Insignia TV. Starting this month, the CinemaNow service will be available on LG Electronics' new broadband-connected Blu-ray Disc players and home-theater systems, as well as to most PCs, under Best Buy's deal with Sonic Solutions.

Best Buy did not announce pricing or availability of the new TiVo-based HDTV. According to TiVo, it's the first implementation of the company's interface without a set-top box.

"The beauty of TiVo software is that it creates a single interactive interface right on the television and integrates the myriad of online content and services," Fernando Silva, vice president of Best Buy Exclusive Brands, said in a statement.

TiVo and Best Buy announced a five-year partnership in July 2009, under which the retailer will promote TiVo DVRs in exchange for TiVo providing an on-going promotional presence on its service. The deal also included a provision for joint development work to bring the TiVo interface to Insignia- and Dynex-branded CE lines.

Separately, TiVo has distribution deals in the U.S. with RCN, Comcast, Cox Communications and DirecTV. Currently only RCN and Comcast are offering TiVo-based DVRs in select markets.