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Berkowitz interview to air on Fox Wire

Rita Cosby, who stirred up some journalistic issues earlier this week when
she exchanged letters with Son of Sam serial killer David Berkowitz to get his
thoughts regarding the serial sniper currently terrorizing the
Washington-Maryland-Virginia area, interviewed the confessed killer at the
Sullivan Correctional Facility Wednesday. Cosby's interview will be shown on her
Saturday show, Fox Wire with Rita Cosby, although parts are expected to
be shown earlier.

While Berkowitz offered in his letter a few interesting observations from his
unusual vantage point -- even bringing to the discussion a comparison with a
third, albeit fictional, serial killer, Hannibal Lechter -- questions were
raised regarding the appropriateness of airing the views of a murderer,
particularly at this time, and of Cosby's appeal to his prison conversion to
Christian values.