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Ben Silverman to Deliver MIPTV Keynote

Former NBC Entertainment Co-Chairman and Founder/CEO of
multimedia production company Electus Ben Silverman will deliver a keynote at
the 2010 MIPTV conference in Cannes
in April.

Silverman founded Electus in 2009 with backing from Barry
Diller's IAC. So far the company has announced a deal with Yahoo! to produce
premium content for the website, as well as a partnership with actors Jason
Bateman and Will Arnett, who will create sponsor driven original content.

"Ben Silverman is one of the most innovative and
forward-thinking leaders in the entertainment industry, and is known for his
unique ability to find creative links between content production, advertising
and marketing," said Laurine Garaude, director of Reed MIDEM's Television
Division, which operates MIPTV and MIPCOM. "We are honored that he will share
his vision for the future of TV production and look forward to his insight into
monetizing content in today's marketing and advertising climate."

"Advertisers, content creators and producers now
recognize that their individual success relies heavily on their ability to work
together to create content that is engaging and entertaining, while delivering
a compelling message to consumers," said Silverman in a statement.

MIPTV is slated for April 12-16 in Cannes, France.