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Becker cast takes Paramount to court

Cast members on CBS sitcom Becker are suing producer Paramount Network Television in an effort to get a raise.

Terry Farrell, Hattie Winston, Alex Desert, Shawnee
Smith and Saverio Guerra, all supporting cast members on the Ted Danson comedy,
filed a breach-of-contract lawsuit in Los Angeles claiming Paramount promised a
raise to all five when the show reached its fourth season.

Wednesday, the five members did not show up for the first day of taping of
Becker for the 2001-2002 season, the show's fourth season.

Earlier this month all five actors staged a one-day protest by calling in sick to the studio.

Attorneys for the five actors claim Paramount agreed a
year ago to the raises and that now the studio is not making good on its written

Paramount executives had no comment.

The studio is currently looking to sell Becker in syndication. - Joe Schlosser