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B&C's "Memorable Moments from a Forgettable Year" Quiz: The Answers

The answers to B&C's "Memorable Moments from a
Forgettable Year" Quiz are bolded

1. On what date is The Oprah Winfrey Show
scheduled to come to its official end?

a. Sept. 11, 2010
b. Sept. 9, 2011
c. May 24, 2011
d. June 30, 2011

2. Which cable network went to all-HD, widescreen
production in 2009 and uses Advanced Format Description (AFD) to downconvert
the video for standard-def viewers?

b. Fox News Channel
c. Cartoon Network
d. Versus

3. Live With Regis and Kelly's Regis Philbin recently had
to take time off because:

a. He had a face lift
b. He had hip replacement surgery
c. He needed to console David Letterman
d. He really needed a break from Kelly

4. What was the consumer name of Comcast's authentication
service, unveiled in late 2009?

a. OnDemand Online
b. TV Everywhere
c. Fancast Xfinity TV
d. OMG No TV

5. Which major media company signed on as an investor in
Hulu in 2009?
a. Time Warner
b. Disney-ABC
c. News Corp.
d. Oprah

6. Which of the following networks did not launch
a late-night talk show in 2009?

a. TBS
b. BET
c. Bravo
d. Comedy Central

7. Which station group did not declare bankruptcy in

a. Young Broadcasting
b. New Vision Television
c. Sinclair Broadcast Group
d. Freedom Communications

8. Which Madison Avenue bigwig was named the new
president of the Television Bureau of Advertising?

a. David Verklin
b. Steve Lanzano
c. John Wren
d. Rino Scanzoni

9. Which VH1 reality show did one of Tiger Woods' alleged
mistresses appear on?

a. Rock of Love
b. For the Love of Ray J
c. ToolAcademy
d. Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew

10. Which syndicated show posted the biggest year-to-year
increase from 2008 (through November 2009)?

a. Tyra Banks
b. Maury
c. Judge Mathis
d. The Doctors

11. TV ad spending was down for the first nine months of
the year, according to TNS data. Which category of TV fell the least?

a. Cable TV
b. Syndication
c. Spanish-language TV
d. Network TV

12. Cox Communications sold Travel Channel this year to
Scripps Networks Interactive. What was the deal valued at?

a. $50 million
b. $500 million
c. $1
d. $1 billion

13. How many minutes of online video do consumers watch
per day, according to the Council for Research Excellence's Video Consumer Mapping
Study, released in March?
a. 30 minutes
b. 2 minutes
c. 1 hour
d. 10 minutes

14. What was the final digital-to-analog transition date?
a. Feb. 17
b. May 15
c. June 12
d. July 1

15. How many viewers in the 18-49 demographic watched the
Jay Leno Show on Sept. 14?
a. 10 million
b. 12 million
c. 15 million
d. 18 million

16. In July 2009, Sci Fi Channel rebranded itself as Syfy.
What does "syfy" refer to in Polish?
a. Syphilis
b. Warts
c. Garbage
d. All of the above

17. "Fix the agency or we will fix it for you. Prove to us
that the FCC is not battered beyond repair." Who told Julius Genachowski this
at his Senate nomination hearing in June?
a. Michael Copps
b. Jay Rockefeller
c. Joe Lieberman
d. John McCain

18. Which series set the comedy record with 22 Emmy
nominations this year?
a. The Office
b. Two and a Half Men
c. Weeds
d. 30 Rock

19. The first new primetime broadcast network show of the
2009-2010 season to be canceled was:

a. NBC's Trauma
b. The CW's The Beautiful Life
c. ABC's Hank
d. ABC's Eastwick

20. Paula Abdul announced she was leaving American
Idol as a judge:
a. While appearing as a guest on Ellen DeGeneres' syndicated talk show
b. Via her Twitter account
c. Via Ryan Seacrest's Twitter account
d. On the season finale of American Idol

21. In 2009, NBC's Today marked how many years as
the No. 1 morning news program?

a. 25 years
b. 2 years
c. 14 years
d. 5 years

22. The first sponsor to drop Tiger Woods after
revelations of the golfer's multiple extramarital affairs was:

a. Gillette
b. Gatorade
c. Nike
d. Accenture

23. FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski has the same (real) first
name as which of the Marx Brothers?

a. Zeppo
b. Groucho
c. Chico
d. Harpo

24. Which of these did the FCC actually hire as a new

a. A Dancing With the Stars runner-up
b. A Survivor winner
c. A Biggest Loser semifinalist
d. Jerry Mathers from Leave It to Beaver

25. New National Association of Broadcasters President
Gordon Smith compared broadcasting to what?

a. A toaster with pictures
b. A bag of frozen peas with a remote
c. A giant cellphone with free video
d. A herd of cattle