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B&C's "It's 2011; Do You Know Where Your 2010 Went?" Quiz: The Answers

The answers to B&C's "It's 2011; Do You Know Where Your 2010 Went?" quiz are bolded below. After tabulating your score, let us know how you did: Share your result in the comments section below, or tweet your score with the hashtag #B&CNewsQuiz.

1) How many total viewers tuned in to watch the premiere episode of Conan on TBS on November 8?
a. 6.7 million
b. 4.1 million
c. 3.3 million
d. 8.1 million

2) On Nov. 1, Cristina Saralegui hosted the final episode of Spanish-language talker Cristina after how many years on the air?
a. 11
b. 16
c. 21
d. 26

3) The October Fox-Cablevision signal blackout lasted:
a. 10 days
b. 14 days
c. 18 days
d. 20 days

4) It was a good year to be a media CEO. Which of these executives reported taking home $87.1 million in total direct compensation in 2010, the most in the TV industry?
a. Les Moonves
b. Bob Iger
c. Jeff Bewkes
d. Greg Maffei

5) At press time, if you typed the word "Snooki" into Google, how many hits did the search engine find?
a. 90,000
b. 246,000
c. 448,000
d. 3,080,000

6) The top-rated original series on basic cable among 18-to-49 year olds was:
a. TheWalking Dead on AMC
b. Jersey Shore on MTV
c. Deadliest Catch on Discovery
d. Keeping Up with the Karashians on E!

7) How many total viewers tuned in for the final episode of Lost on May 23?
a. 14.2 million
b. 13. 5 million
c. 10.7 million
d. 12.9 million

8) How much money did NBC lose broadcasting the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver?
a. $250 million
b. $500 million
c. $223 million
d. $613 million

9) What was the first new primetime broadcast network show of the 2010-2011 season to be canceled?
a. Undercovers
b. My Generation
c. Outlaw
d. Lone Star

10) Which program broke the record this year for most Emmy nominations of all time?
a. Saturday Night Live
b. Law & Order: SVU
c. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
d. The Simpsons

11) In February, then-ABC News chief David Westin, who has since been replaced by Ben Sherwood, announced that the staff would be reduced how much?
a. By 10% of full-time positions worldwide
b. By a 25% division-wide pay cut, including top-paid talent
c. By 300 positions, or close to 25% of the 1,300-person news division
d. On a voluntary basis only

12) The following MSNBC personality/personalities were suspended for political donations:
a. Joe Scarborough
b. Keith Olbermann
c. Sarah Palin
d. Scarborough and Olbermann

13) Which Fox News Channel personality drew the network's second-biggest audience in November behind FNC's top-rated Bill O'Reilly?
a. Bret Baier
b. Glenn Beck
c. Greta Van Susteren
d. Sean Hannity

14) Where did Oprah Winfrey send her audience in the first episode of the final season of her syndicated show?
a. Fiji
b. Australia
c. Gayle King's house
d. To cable

15) Which show won best reality competition program, unseating The Amazing Race, at this year's Emmys?
a. The Biggest Loser
b. Survivor
c. Top Chef
d. Hell's Kitchen

16) What's the name of the daytime show that replaced As the World Turns on CBS?
a. America's Court
b. The Talk
c. Swift Justice with Nancy Grace
d. CSI: Radford

17) Which station group was tops in B&C's Top 25 Station Groups feature in 2010, in terms of U.S. coverage?
a. Sinclair Broadcasting Group
b. CBS Television Stations
c. Ion Media Networks
d. Univision

18) How much was paid to broadcasters in retransmission consent fees in 2010, according to SNL Kagan (hint: it is equal to the rights fee ESPN pays the NFL annually for Monday Night Football)?
a. $1.1 billion
b. $600 million
c. $2 billion
d. $325 million

19) Which television industry convention had just begun when news of Conan O'Brien's move to TBS broke?
b. NAB
d. On-Screen Media Summit

20) With tongue firmly in cheek, FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski said at the Chairman's dinner/roast that to achieve universal broadband:
a. Citizens should wire their unserved neighbors at "broadbandwagon" parties organized through the Commerce Department
b. More than 16 trillion to the fifth power Femtocells for wireless broadband need to be distributed 30 feet apart throughout the known universe
c. All Americans should move to South Korea
d. The definition of high speed should be reclassified as dial-up and a moral victory declared

21) Two of the placeholder names Comcast/NBCU used internally for their proposed $30B deal were:
a. Combo and UniteCo
b. NewCo and Navy
c. NewCo and Cockatwo
d. NewCoke and Old Navy

22) The Mobile500 refers to:
a. A NASCAR race sponsored by Sprint
b. A consortium of broadcast groups seeking to develop business models for mobile DTV
c. A group of community-based cell phone operators
d. An alliance of broadcasters that work exclusively on technical standards for mobile DTV services

23) Over 60% of all homes have HDTVs, but a November 2010 Nielsen study found what percent of broadcast TV viewing is done in HD?
a. 70%
b. 56%
c. 35%
d. 19%

24) The May 2010 finale of what prime time show was shot entirely with DSLRs?
a. Lost
b. 24
c. House
d. Two and a Half Men

25) In September, Apple made public its App Store Review Guidelines. Which of the following admonishments to developers were included?
a. "If you run to the press and trash us, it never helps" your chances of getting your app approved.
b. "We don't need any more fart apps."
c. "If you want to criticize a religion write a book."
d. All of the above

Bonus Round: Redeem yourself with these extra credit questions, or, if you're feeling confident, see if you can continue your winning streak.

1) Neil Young has become an online video phenomenon this year... with an assist from Jimmy Fallon. Which was the first song Fallon impersonated Young singing:

a. Pants on the Ground
b. Double Rainbow
c. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
d. I Whip My Hair

2) Which popular TV host said this to B&C in May: "There was interest in me doing Hannah Montana, but I turned it down because they wanted me to play a host. I was like, why? If I do another episodic hour, I want to be the killer. I want to last more than five minutes."

a. Hoda Kotb
b. Craig Ferguson
c. Ryan Seacrest
d. Tom Bergeron

3) The Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE) unveiled the consumer-facing brand of their common digital rights management system in July. What is it called?

a. DigiSpectrum
b. MediAccess
c. UltraViolet
d. Digital Rights Locker

4) Which faith-based network underwent a major rebranding, which included the launch of a secular channel?

a. Inspiration Networks
b. TBN
c. FamilyNet

5) Who was the winner of Conan's first guest poll?

a. Tom Hanks
b. Jack Nicholson
c. Arlene Wagner
d. Seth Rogen

6) Which song did Conan O'Brien perform on his last episode hosting The Tonight Show?
a.Free Bird
b.Twenty Flight Rock
c.Born to Run
d.Better Man

7) Who among the following stepped down from their role at CNN in 2010?

a.Christiane Amanpour
b.Larry King
c.Campbell Brown
d.All of the above

8) Which television personality didn't join Twitter in 2010?

a.Piers Morgan
b.Brian Williams
c.Neil Patrick Harris
d.Conan O'Brien

9) Tribune announced a vintage-program multicast channel called:

a. Zellevision
b. Musty-See TV
c. Antenna TV
d. Rabbit Ears

10) Which station was not sold in 2010?

a. KIII Corpus Christi
b. KFSN Fresno
c. WJRT Flint
d. WBDT Dayton

11) Which station group got paid a few million dollars in management fees from Young Broadcasting, but was made to sit on the sidelines for about a year, until Young's legal issues were worked out?
a. Nexstar
b. Gray Television
c. LIN Media
d. Raycom Media

12) Who said this about U.S. based immigrants at B&C's Hispanic TV Summit: "Have the courage to be a voice for those who do not have one. Call out leaders when they fail us--or attack us."

a. Telemundo Executive VP Ramon Escobar
b. Former Univision News President Alina Falcon
c. Telemundo President Don Browne
d. Noticiero Univision anchor Jorge Ramos

13) A Federal Appeals Court said this when overturning the FCC's Fox profanity decision:
a. "If the commissioners are offended they need to be fitted with earmuffs so that broadcasters can continue to program to their audiences."
b. "It is unconstitutionally vague, creating a chilling effect that goes far beyond the fleeting expletives at issue here."
c. "The FCC's decision lacks the prudent juris that would lead any amici to follow it down this primrose path."
d. "What the !#%&*$ could they have been thinking when they served up this $!#%&."

14) On what holiday did the FCC release its National Broadband Plan?
a. Groundhog Day
b. Independence Day
c. St. Patrick's Day
d. St. Blair Levin's Day

15) What FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski dubbed his initial net neutrality solution:
a. Net Gain
b. Second Chance
c. Third Way
d. Webulation 2.0