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Re: “TV Nightlight Bill Could Get Senate Vote”

Berl Brechner on 11/19/2008:

A lot of stations have played by the rules already established. Some have already terminated analog…Where it has happened, it has not resulted in the end of the world as we know it...And there are still 90 days of promotion and publicity before Feb. 17. Part of the digital signal scheme is that analogs have to go off so some of the final changes for digital can be accomplished. The process started long ago, and it seems like it ought to move along as planned, rather than have Congress meddling further.

Re: “ESPN Locks Up BCS Through 2014”

Richard on 11/18/2008:

I'm also not surprised at this move, but with ESPN signing the rights of the British Open in 2011 and ABC just being an alternative network of ESPN, we'll see the Rose Bowl heading to ESPN in 2011, and that will mark the end of free broadcasts of college bowl football games. This deal is not a good one for those without cable or satellite.