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The 2010 Emmys have come and gone, but things will hardly be quiet for long. From a new TV deal that needs to be sorted out to a new competitor popping up, Emmy will be front and center long before next September. Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Chairman/CEO John Shaffner spoke with B&C programming editor Marisa Guthrie about this year's show and what lies ahead.

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If you were a serial killer, what would your living room look like? Showtime has a few ideas, which it will debut in its 3rd annual Showtime House at Manhattan's Cassa Hotel and Residences Sept. 7.

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BC/DC: Sh*t Michael Douglas Says

Michael Douglas has throat cancer. In an appearance last week on Late Night With David Letterman, Letterman asked whether the doctors had found it "early enough for their liking." His answer: "I sure as shit hope so." Having had a loved one face a diagnosis of a deadly cancer, I know how absolutely accurate and appropriate to the situation all the words in that statement were.

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The 62nd Primetime Emmy Awards

From the podium to the parties, take a look at what industry insiders were up to the weekend of the 2010 Emmys.

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80 Stations On Board For 'Better'
Meredith syndicated show features all barter, more live performances

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YouTube Partnership to Put Viewer Highlights on SportsCenter
ESPN expands ties with sports fans via social media platforms. More.
ABC and Fox Take Bite Out of Apple TV
New service offers 99-cent rentals of network shows. More.

Fall's Hi-Def Picture Brightens

With the 2010-2011 TV season set to become the first in history for which more than half of U.S. homes are equipped with high-definition TV sets, HD production has become more norm than novelty. But while most high-profile programming is now shot in hi-def, much work still remains to be done before HD TV becomes synonymous with television viewing.

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IBC Eyes 3D, IP Delivery

Broadcasters and the technology vendors that support them gather this week (Sept. 9-14) in Amsterdam, The Netherlands for the 2010 International Broadcasting Convention, where they will assess new technologies such as stereoscopic 3D and discuss the financial future of their business.

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How to Chase Girls

The CW has stayed relevant and trendsetting by developing a targeted niche for young women and sticking with it, both in its programming and its eye-catching marketing. As its new season rolls out this week, the man behind the messaging--CW Executive VP of Marketing and Brand Strategy Rick Haskins--spoke with B&C's Andrea Morabito about how he stays ahead of a pop culture curve that never stops moving.

An edited transcript of the interview follows.