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CTAM Wired
Oct. 26 at 4 p.m.
Entertainment Portability and Who's Doing What, When, Where and How Often

CTAM highlights how lifestyles affect viewing behaviors of the advertiser-coveted teen, adults 18-24 and 25-34 demos in a Webcast exploring the results of its latest research study. Tommy Cheng, VP research at Nielsen Entertainment, also weighs in on consumer use of video apps

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PBS will present a four-part special NOVA, called The Fabric of the Cosmos.

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Why We Won't See Lincoln/Douglas-Type Debate on TV

Those of you who made it through all the bickering and insult-slinging of Tuesday's CNN debate would have heard Newt Gingrich, after time was called, again question the unwieldy format of televised debates.

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View photos from recent industry events such as HRTS' Network Chiefs Luncheon and the ATAS' event honoring Carl Reiner...

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SEC Advises Net Breach Notification

Publicly traded cable and broadcast companies should be
on notice that they may need to inform their stockholders of online security
breaches, or risk running afoul of government regulators.

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Switch to Commercial Ratings Is Helping Broadcast Net Works
Some cable networks also starting to get lift from C3, Nomura analyst says More

Amazon Extends Streaming Video Deal With PBS
Titles include NOVA, Antiques Roadshow and Ken Burns documentaries More

Christine Dorfler Named CFO of NBC Owned Stations
VP of finance for flagship WNBC tapped by group chief Valari Staab for key position More

Gannett Broadcast Revenue Down 6%
Take political out of last year's figures, and revenue in Dave Lougee's TV division was up, while digital business and retrans continue to grow More

Prepared for Disaster

Faced with government attempts to prevent reporters from covering the Arab Spring, CNN senior international correspondent Nic Robertson has regularly turned to alternative technologies to get around the restrictions.

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