B&C BEYOND: MAY 20, 2013

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What: TV in a Multiplatform World
When: Thursday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.,
Where: The Westin New York at Times Square
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Ad Council Pushes Digital Delivery

The Ad Council is launching May 20 its new digital platform for delivery of
public service announcements (PSAs), providing one-stop shopping for spots
across a range of media.

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Financing the 'Limited Series'

The newest trend this upfront season is the "limited series," shows
planned from the start to air far less than the traditional 22 episodes and
more like 10 to 15 episodes.

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The Best & Worst of Upfront Week


The Loyal Opposition

Departed Republican FCC commissioner Robert
McDowell looks back -- unofï¬cially -- at his storied tenure
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GrayTV Stations to Stream Through Syncbak

Broadcaster and Internet TV platform partner to live stream group's station
signals to authenticated users More

TribuneSucceeds Weigel as Partner in This TV

Cofounder Weigel exiting thriving digital network venture with MGM Television
to focus on its Me-TV, Movies! nets More