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B&C BEYOND: JULY 12, 2010


Following is an excerpt of a July 8 blog
from Kurt Sutter, creator of FX's Sons of Anarchy, reacting to his
show's lack of Emmy nominations

Let's face it, kids, we are
the dirty-faced outlaws who no one wants in their clean white town. We
are too loud, too violent, too brash. We don't sing, have pretty sets,
or wear retro suits. They admire us from afar, wish they could do what
we do, then they pull the shades and settle for the familiar and safe.
They are lazy sheep.


here to read the full blog on SutterInk.




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Sale of the Century

The question of whether the FCC's spectrum sale sounds a
death knell or a loud "ka-ching" may depend on what kind of broadcaster
you are. In this complete version of John Eggerton's cover story, find
out why the White House call the spectrum sale a win-win-win
proposition--and why the FCC admits that the spectrum sale would work
for some stations and not others.

Clickhere for the full article.

Rollout Continues

the business model for mobile DTV is still being figured out, local
stations are moving forward and gradually launching mobile DTV
broadcasts. Transmission vendors says that it's still the early days for
the technology, but they are seeing orders pick up for the array of new
equipment-including multiplexers, encoders and new or upgraded
exciters-needed to launch mobile DTV.

Clickhere for the completeversion of this story.

Cable-to-Cable Is the
Next Big Thing

The cable market for top off-network programs
this summer is almost as hot as New York's steamy sidewalks. Twentieth
Television's Steve MacDonald, executive VP and general sales manager of
basic cable, has been behind three of those deals. In three weeks,
MacDonald and his team closed deals for rookie network hits Glee,
Modern Family and The Cleveland Show. MacDonald talked to
B&C's Paige Albiniak about what's driving the market and
off-net syndication's next big thing.

Anedited transcript of the interview follows.


Loses Millionaire Lawsuit
A federal jury awarded Celador
International, the show's British creators, $269 million in back
royalties. Disney will fight the verdict. More.


Developing Western
The Mad Men network teams with E1
Entertainment and Endemol USA for Hell on Wheels, about the building of
the Transcontinental Railroad. More.