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Bay News 9 Unveils Baron’s Klyde Radar Technology

Baron Services has reached an agreement with Bay News 9, Bright House Network’s 24-hours news channel serving Tampa, to use its new Klyde radar technology.  

Branded by Bay News 9 as Klystron 9, the C-band klystron dual-polarization radar, part of Baron’s KHDD series, packs more than 1 million watts of power and houses a calibration technique that vastly improves the radar’s accuracy and performance.

Until now, dual-polarization weather radars could only be calibrated when precipitation was present, but with Baron’s patent-pending calibration technique, the system can be quickly calibrated at any time under any weather conditions.

The additional power means Bay News 9 meteorologists can see storms farther away, providing viewers with earlier warning of significant weather threats.

“With Klyde, we have jumped the curve,” said Bob Baron, Baron Services president and CEO, in a statement. “It has more power, more precision and more capability than any other commercial Doppler weather radar in the world.”

Added Terry Dolan, vice president and general manager of Bay News 9: “We always have and will continue to be 100% committed to providing our viewers with the very best weather forecasting technology — that’s why today we are proud to introduce Klystron 9 to our viewers.”