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Bay-Area CBS Station Slings Live Video

KPIX-TV, CBS’ San Francisco owned-and-operated TV station, said it is using Sling Media’s Slingbox with third-generation wireless data networks and video cameras to deliver live video feeds and pictures from around the Bay area.

The station, known as CBS 5, has 28 live cameras connected to Slingboxes pointed at major highways, airports and seven of the nine bridges spanning the Bay area. It uses live video from the cameras on-air and also makes the video and still images available on its Web site.

CBS 5 said it used the Slingbox-connected camera to deliver video from a moving vehicle to show aftermath of the I-580 freeway collapse in April.

“This is another example of the way digital technology is changing television news to the benefit of viewers," CBS 5 vice president and news director Dan Rosenheim said in a prepared statement.