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In Battleground States, Clinton Outspent Trump by 9-to-1 in Local Cable

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton outspent Republican rival Donald Trump on local cable advertising by 9-to-1 in four key battleground states, but lost in part because her targeted ad strategy was overcome by his ability to generate earned media, according to Viamedia, an independent cable ad management company.

Republican candidates for state-wide and local races in presidential battleground markets tended to outspend their Democratic rivals, which represented a substantial number of distributors in Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania and Missouri, the company said.

Viamedia's political advertising revenue was up more than 50% from 2012, while many broadcast station owners have reported that their political ad sales were below forecasts, in part because Trump didn’t buy as much TV advertising as expected.

Nearly half -- 47% -- of all cable TV political ad spending came from issues advertisers such as PACs and other organizations.