‘Battle 360’ Sets Friday-Night History

The premiere The History Channel’s Battle360 last Friday garnered 1.8 million viewers, making it the network’s No. 1 Friday-night original telecast of all time, officials said Tuesday.

In addition, the premiere telecast marked the second most-watched series premiere on the network, exceeded only by History Channel’s hit series Ice RoadTruckers. .

Using the latest technology and animation to put viewers right in the middle of the action, Battle360, which airs Fridays at 10 p.m. focuses on the USS Enterprise, an aircraft carrier that was front and center in nearly every major sea battle in the Pacific Theatre during World War II.

Some 1.8 million viewers on average watched the Feb. 29 bow of Battle360, including 630,000 men 25 to 54 and 769,000 adults 25 to 54.

Taking military history programming to the next level, the series follows the Enterprise and its men from the start of the war through to the last battle.  As the war raged on, the ship changed, the men changed, and the battles were never the same.  The entire first season of Battle 360 will be seen on History with limited commercial interruption.