Barfing Baby Was Most TiVo'd Super Bowl Ad

Of the 53 commercials aired during Sunday’s Super Bowl XLII on Fox, the one replayed most frequently by TiVo users was the talking-and-regurgitating computer-generated baby pitching E-Trade, according to the digital video recorder provider.

TiVo analyzed the Super Bowl spots using data aggregated from a sample of 10,000 DVRs. The company publicized the data to tout its ad-measurement services for “second-by-second” data showing the activity of DVR households.

Following the E-Trade baby on the most-TiVo’d were Pepsi’s Justin Timberlake spoof, Doritos’ “Mouse Trap,” and a Coca-Cola spot featuring Democratic operative James Carville and former Republican Sen. Bill Frist. The company did not indicate how frequently DVR customers replayed each spot.

TiVo said the top 10 commercials of this year’s game were:

1. E-Trade: “Baby” (spitting up)

2. Pepsi Co: “Justin Timberlake”

3. Doritos: “Mouse Trap” (user-generated)

4. Coca-Cola: “James Carville and Bill Frist”

5. Ice Breakers: “Carmen Electra”

6. Bridgestone: "Headlights"

7. Bud Light: “Cavemen”

8. Vitamin Water: “Horse Race”

9. Plan B: “Witch Doctor”

10. Life Water: “Thriller”