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BAI battle takes bizarre twist

The fight between the management of WBAI-FM, and dissident staff members at New York's Pacifica station took a strange turn yesterday when one producer attempted to do her show off-site.

The New York Daily News reports that Amy Goodman, dissident host of a show appropriately dubbed Democracy Now produced her show from a studio outside the station. WBAI refused to carry her live feed, and ran a taped show instead.

Sources say Goodman feels physically threatened in the wake of a confrontation with acting station manager Utrice Leid last Friday. The News reports Goodman took Leid's picture as Leid was allegedly going through another producer's belongings. Leid snatched the camera, and reportedly shoved Goodman when she asked the Leid return it.

Goodman has been the most outspoken of the dissident BAI producers who feel the management is pushing its own agenda, and ignoring input from staff members.