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Baghdad TV Station Employees Gunned Down

The danger of journalism in a war zone continues to be made painfully clear.

According to the Committee to Protect Journalists, 11 employees of a Baghdad TV station (CNN was reporting the number as 9) have been killed by gunmen who broke into the station, which had not yet launched.

The station was backed by a small political party in the country.

Meanwhile, the committee is seeking information on the kililng of two journalists working for German Broadcaster Deutsche Welle.

Karen Fischer, 30, and Christian Struwe, 39, were shot to death Oct. 7 in a tent they had pitched in Northern Afghanistan. The motive is unknown.

The pair had been visiting United Nations Children’s Fund relief projects in the area, according to the committee.

Finally, the committee is asking for the release of  arabic newspaper Al-Hayat correspondent Kalshan al-Bayati, who has been detained in Tikrit without charge for the past three weeks after she tried to retrieve a confiscated laptop.