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Bachelorette wedding cash cow for couple

Now that they’ve agreed to make their reality TV-born wedding a four-hour
ABC event this fall, Bachelorette Trista Rehn and
her chosen beau, Ryan Sutter, are getting more than just their wedding paid for
and huge amounts of national exposure -- they also landed a $1 million payday.

According to The
Smoking Gun
, which posted the contract on its Web site, Rehn
and Sutter received $100,000 upon signing the agreement, they will receive another
$500,000 after they get married and they will get the remaining $400,000 in
installments while the show is in production.

In exchange, Rehn and Sutter granted creative control of their wedding to the
show’s producers, although they will have some input, according to the contract.

Should Rehn and Sutter decide not to get married, they
forfeit the entire sum.