Average NY Cable Home Tunes To 25 Networks Per Month

About 74% of tuning hours in Cablevision Systems and Time Warner Cable homes are done outside of primetime, and the average household tunes to 25 channels per month, with 90% of the tuning hours being consumed on 100 networks, the cable companies found in a new report that tabulates tuning data from the New York DMA.

Those findings, from the first quarterly New York Television Audience Insights Report, is based on census-level audience tuning data from more than 3.5 million homes across more than 300 common networks, representing nearly half of the New York DMA and data that can’t be gleaned from traditional measurement methods, the companiess said.

The New York Television Audience Insights Report is based on aggregated data from both service providers that have been analyzed using advanced analytic capabilities.

Among the findings -- with new, more granular insights for marketers that are targeting the influential DMA -- are that roughly 21% of local news tuning (Monday through Friday, 6-9 a.m.) across broadcast and local cable origination stations is exclusively on News 12 and NY1, the cable news channels owned and operated by Cablevision and Time Warner Cable, respectively.

“Since introducing our census-level audience data early last year, we have seen significant growth in demand for more granular audience measurement and analytics,” Ben Tatta, president of Cablevision Media Sales, said in a statement. “We are delighted to work with Time Warner Cable to provide the advertising community more comprehensive and actionable insights for TV audiences and viewership in the New York market.”

“TWC Media is proud to partner with Cablevision on this initiative. In addition to providing TV Tribes analysis of diverse viewing patterns, we can now offer our clients more precise data within the NY DMA,” added Joan Gillman, chief operating officer and executive vice president, Time Warner Cable Media. “As viewing habits continue to evolve, our clients need increasingly sophisticated data and analytics to inform their marketing decisions.”