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Auction Network 'Participates' In OpenTV Deal

Auction Network has chosen OpenTV to power its live Internet auction business and upcoming television launch, officials said Monday.

Auction Network, whose programming will feature televised and live bidding ranging from the sale of thoroughbred horse sales in Kentucky and wine from around the globe to Ozzy Osbourne’s celebrity auction, will use OpenTV Participate to handle all transactions. It will enable viewers to interact in real-time with programming via TV, the Web, IVR voice telephony, portable devices and, in the future, set-top boxes.

“With Auction Network launching as a 24/7 streaming Internet Network rapidly migrating to live TV, the biggest challenge we faced was seamless integration of traditional and new media broadcast technologies with customer interaction and data aggregation,” Auction CEO Pam McKissick said in a statement. “OpenTV Participate allows us to do that without over-complicating our daily operations. We have found that OpenTV Participate is a visionary, second-generation system that dramatically alleviates issues our cutting edge broadcast network might face.”

OpenTV Participate’s servers allow unlimited concurrent auctions to be set up using simple wizard-based auction logic that supports more than 17 types of  bidding events. OpenTV Participate’s fully integrated scheduling and studio console applications will give auction clerks, production staff and auctioneers live auction data, providing TV programming highlighted by real-time viewer participation and instant business analysis.