AT&T Touts U-verse Quad-Play With Up To $60 Monthly Savings

AT&T is completing the grand slam with a price break of up to $60 per month on a four-service bundle -- with U-verse TV, phone, Internet and wireless phone -- which the telco emphasized most cable providers can't match.

The U.S.'s largest telephone company on Tuesday said it is introducing the U-verse Choice Plus and Choice Premium bundles with four services, offering $45 to $60 in savings per month for 12 months. AT&T in March introduced U-verse Choice bundles, which let customers choose three out of four services for their bundle, picking either home phone or wireless as their voice option.

"With more than three-fourths of our U-verse customers taking a triple or quad-play bundle, we know this is an option consumers want and can't get from cable," Joey Schultz, vice president of consumer marketing for AT&T's Mobility and Consumer Markets unit.

To receive the special pricing for the quad-play bundles, customers must commit to a one-year contract. An early termination fee of up to $180 may apply if U-verse services are terminated before the 12-month period is up.

AT&T is offering two quad-play configurations (in offers that end Nov. 6, 2010):

The Choice Plus bundle starts at $172 a month for U-verse TV U300 with whole-home DVR capability; U-verse High Speed Internet Elite (up to 6 Mbps downstream and 1 Mbps upstream); AT&T Nation 450 wireless voice with unlimited messaging; and unlimited nationwide home phone calling with U-verse Voice Unlimited. When purchased together, the four services are $45 less per month than the standalone services.

The Choice Premium bundle, at $192 a month, includes U-verse TV U450 with whole-home DVR capability and HD service; U-verse High Speed Internet Max (up to 12 Mbps downstream); AT&T Nation 450 wireless voice with unlimited messaging; and unlimited nationwide home phone calling. The Choice Premium bundle represents a savings of $60 per month, AT&T said.