AT&T Targets Triple-Play Bundle Offers

 AT&T, in a subscriber-acquisition push to close out 2009, is offering new customers who subscribe to certain U-verse bundles online up to $400 back in prepaid Visa gift cards through the end of December.

The telco will offer $400 cash back to residential customers who order new U-verse U200 or higher, U-verse Internet Pro or higher, and U-verse Voice Unlimited online at New double-play subs are eligible for $350, while standalone U-verse TV subscribers can get $200 if service is ordered online.

The AT&T cash-back bounties are lower if customers do not order services via the company's Web site.

In an offer that runs through March 20, 2010, AT&T will offer $200 gift cards to residential customers ordering a triple-play comprising: U-verse U200 or higher; new U-verse Internet Pro or higher; and new (or renewal) of wireless 450 or higher plans or new U-verse Voice Unlimited service.

The telco is promoting the offers as letting consumers buy "the latest smartphone" but notes that the gift cards can be used for "virtually anything else." AT&T has an exclusive deal to provide service for the Apple iPhone, and activated 3.2 million iPhone devices in the third-quarter 2009.

"We're offering holiday shopping that puts a smartphone in your pocket or more in your wallet - it's your choice," AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets chief marketing officer David Christopher said in announcing the offers.

U-verse services are available to about 15 million living units, and AT&T reported 1.8 million U-verse TV customers as of Sept. 30.

The Visa prepaid cards are not redeemable for cash and may not be used at automated gasoline pumps or for cash withdrawal at any cash dispensing locations, according to AT&T. The cards expire 90 days after issuance, and in order to obtain the gift cards customers must retain the qualifying service or services a minimum of 30 days.

Separately, AT&T announced Monday it will offer broadband customers a $50 rebate on installation of their wireless home network when they subscribe to the ConnecTech Support Plus monthly tech-support service.

The telco's ConnecTech Home Network Installation -- which includes installation of a wireless home network, connecting up to three devices, and security software setup -- is available to new U-verse High-Speed Internet customers for $50 and to regular DSL customers for $149. A subscription to AT&T ConnecTech Support Plus is $15 per month and offers phone and Internet support for computer software, hardware and networking issues.