AT&T Takes Mobile Video-Sharing Nationwide

AT&T announced the nationwide launch of AT&T Video Share -- which lets users send live or recorded video from their mobile phones to other AT&T wireless customers -- making the service available this week in 149 markets.

The telco last month began offering the service in Atlanta, Dallas and San Antonio.

Video Share -- which sends one-way video while maintaining a two-way voice call -- works only over AT&T’s third-generation wireless network. It’s the first application from AT&T to use the Internet Protocol Multimedia Subsystem platform.

The Video Share service requires AT&T customer to use either LG Electronics’ CU500 or Samsung’s a707, a717 or a727 phones.

Eventually, AT&T said, Video Share will be accessible from PCs and on TVs through the U-verse TV service, in addition to wireless devices.

The Video Share service costs $4.99 per month for 25 minutes of usage or $9.99 for 60 minutes. Subscribers also can choose a pay-as-they-go option for 35 cents per minute. Video Share minutes are charged only to the sender.