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AT&T: Suggestions Hallmark Was Back On U-Verse Are 'Innaccurate'

There is still no deal between AT&T and
Hallmark Channels.

In response to a post from someone who said there
were subscribers to the high-end U450 U-verse tier who could get Hallmark,
AT&T had initially responded in a post Thursday that "If someone is
seeing it come up, it may be a glitch in the system."

But a spokesperson said Friday: "We looked
into it further, and the reports on Facebook were simply inaccurate."

Hallmark and Hallmark Movie Channel have been off
the telco's MVPD service since the end of August, the deadline for
reaching a carriage deal that remains undone.

Its subs could be confusing programs on Hallmark
with the same shows that also appear elsewhere on U-Verse. AT&T says on its
Web page about the carriage dispute
that "several of Hallmark's programs are
available on other U-verse channels."

A Hallmark spokesperson said that was likely a
reference to shows like I Love Lucy, Golden Girls or Who's theBoss, that are not exclusive to the
channel, adding that "it does not mean any of our originals or exclusive content."
A U-verse spokesperson confirmed that the reference on the site was to sitcoms
that air on other nets.