AT&T Still Working to Fix U-verse Outages

AT&T as of Wednesday afternoon was continuing to work on recovering from a server error that has left thousands of U-verse TV, Internet and voice customers in at least 10 states across the Southeast and Southwest U.S. without service, in some cases since Monday.

“U-verse customers still experiencing service issues: we are working hard to fix. Still determining when all will be restored. We apologize!” AT&T’s official U-verse account on Twitter said at 1:54 p.m. Eastern.

On Wednesday morning, an AT&T support representative posted in the telco’s online forum (opens in new tab), “At this time, we’ve identified an issue with a server that supports U-verse. Some impacted customers may be able to restore service by powering down and restarting their Residential Gateway.”

U-verse customers reported outages and sporadic problems starting Monday, Jan. 21, spanning markets in several states including Texas, Florida, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Kentucky, Arkansas, Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama and Louisiana.

AT&T said the issue has affected fewer than 6,000 subscribers, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported. The company, in a statement Tuesday, said the problem affected “a limited number of AT&T customers in some markets.”

An AT&T spokeswoman, asked if the telco would provide credits to affected subscribers, did not provide an answer by press time.

According to comments posted on AT&T's website, some U-verse customers have lost service while neighbors with U-verse have remained online.