AT&T: still just talk with cable suitors

New York - According to wire reports, telephone and cable television giant AT&T Corp. said on Sunday it had no decision yet on the fate of its cable
television unit, and it would continue discussions with all potential suitors.

Reuters reported that AT&T said it would ``evaluate the potential of all
proposals to create long-term shareowner value, but cautioned that there could
be no guarantee that it would enter into a transaction for AT&T

It declined further comment.

The company's board met on Saturday to hear presentations on three bids to
acquire the unit, as well as two proposals that would give the company a sizable
cash cushion, sources close to the situation said.

AT&T asked the suitors to supply more information about their bids, and
will hold discussions this week with each party to discuss the offers in detail,
sources said.

No decision will be weighed until AT&T has talked with all suitors, and a
final verdict may be more than a week away, sources said.