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AT&T Punches Up New ‘Kingdom’ Season

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AT&T and DirecTV’s Audience Network has picked up a third season of its mixed martial arts series Kingdom.

The series, which profiles the exploits of a family-owned MMA gym, stars Frank Grillo (Captain America), Kiele Sanchez (The Purge), Matt Lauria (Friday Night Lights), Jonathan Tucker (Parenthood), Nick Jonas, Joanna Going (House of Cards) and Natalie Martinez (Secrets and Lies).

“The success of season two of Kingdom proves how captivating this series is and how viewers have invested and connected with the characters’ lives,” said Christopher Long, senior vice president, Original Content and Production, AT&T in a statement. “Byron Balasco has been at the helm of this gritty mixed martial arts family drama since its inception and has showcased heart wrenching topics that no other show on television has had the strength to touch.  We couldn’t be happier to have Byron on for another season and have no doubt that he will create a compelling storyline that no one will forget.”