AT&T Offers Wireless Subs $270 Off To Switch To U-Verse TV

AT&T is hoping to entice some of its 95.5 million wireless subscribers to sign up for U-verse TV service, offering those who switch from cable or satellite TV a $45 monthly price break for six months.

The offer is available to customers who already have AT&T Mobility Nation 450 or higher plans, and subscribe to the U-verse U300 TV programming tier or higher and U-verse Internet Max (downstream up to 12 Mbps) or higher. The $45 monthly discount for six months offer -- a total savings of $270 -- is scheduled to run through July 16.

AT&T requires a one-year term for bundled U-verse services, with an early termination fee of up to $180 if services are terminated. In addition, a one-time TV service activation fee of $29 applies.

Last year the telco debuted U-verse Choice bundles, which let customers choose three out of four services for their bundle, picking either home phone or wireless as their voice option. AT&T also offered a price break of up to $60 per month on a four-service bundle.

AT&T also touted a new U-verse triple play bundle of $89 per month for 12 months with a one-year contract. That includes U-verse TV U-family with Total Home DVR; U-verse High Speed Internet Pro (up to 3 Mbps downstream); and either AT&T Nation 450 wireless voice with unlimited messaging or 250 minutes of digital home phone calling with U-verse Voice 250.

As of the end of 2010, AT&T reported 2.99 million U-verse TV subscribers. The company is scheduled to report first quarter 2011 results on Wednesday morning.