AT&T: IBEW Ratifies Contracts for Former DirecTV Employees

AT&T said Monday that the leadership of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) has notified the company that IBEW-represented former DirecTV employees have voted to ratify two contracts.

AT&T noted that one agreement covers over 1,600 employees in AT&T's field services group, located in 14 states, with the other covering about 1,300 AT&T employees working in call centers in Boise, Idaho; and Missoula, Mont.

The former DirecTV employees covered by the contracts joined AT&T as part of its acquisition of DirecTV that was closed in July 2015.  

AT&T said the agreements, reached on July 16, focus on wages, health care, pension, and work rules, and represent the first with this group of employees.