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AT&T, DirecTV Renew Bundle Deal

AT&T and DirecTV have signed a three-year extension through March 2015 of their agreement to offer DirecTV as part of a package of AT&T service in markets where the phone company offers residential broadband and voice.

DirecTV is part of a quadruple bundle of video, broadband, landline and wireless service in the 22 states where AT&T offers residential broadband.

AT&T's own U-verse video service and DIRECTV are both offered in those 22 states, but DIRECTV is an option for AT&T customers not in a U-verse market or area in those states, said an AT&T spokeswoman.

She said the announcement should not be read as an indication of how fast that U-Verse rollout is going, or expected to go, and that as is the case in some markets now, AT&T could eventually be offering both its own and DirecTV's video service to customers in some of those markets.

"We want all of our customers to have the option to receive a complete, integrated bundle of services from us, including TV," said Jeff Weber, VP of video services, AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets, in a statement. "AT&T | DIRECTV service allows us to offer customers the best entertainment and communication services in areas where U-verse is not available, including compelling features that enhance their entertainment experience."