AT&T Adds ‘CallVantage’ VoIP Features

AT&T Corp. has added features to its “CallVantage” voice-over-Internet-protocol service.

The improvements include "Simple Reach Number," which allows subscribers to have up to nine additional telephone numbers for their service in any available area code, so that callers to those numbers don’t face long-distance charges.

AT&T also added: "International Call Blocking/Shut Off," the ability to block or unblock outbound international calls to locations where per-minute fees would be assessed; “International Calls in Call Log," which tracks all international placed and received calls to create a complete record of all usage; "Caller ID/International Update," which delivers Caller ID information, where available, on all international calls; and "Caller ID Name from Phone Book," which displays personalized or preferred names from users’ phone books as the Caller ID name for incoming calls.

AT&T CallVantage currently serves consumers in 170 markets in 39 states and Washington, D.C.