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ATSC Elects New Board Members

Members of the Advanced Television Systems
Committee, Inc. (ATSC) have elected members of its Board of Directors that
include four new members.

include Ira Goldstone, VP of engineering for Univision Television group;
Richard Friedel who oversees Fox Networks Engineering and Operations; Sam
Matheny, VP of policy and innovation for Capitol Broadcasting Company; and
Glenn Reitmeier, senior VP of advanced technology at NBCUniversal.

three-year terms will begin January 2013.

James Kutzner from PBS was re-elected to serve a second term on the Board of
Directors. Kutzner will also continue to chair Technology Group 3 (TG3) on the
development of ATSC 3.0. 

number of other current directors will continue their terms into 2013. These
include Lynn Claudy, NAB; Mark Eyer, Sony;
Brett Jenkins, LIN Media; Brian
Markwalter, CEA; Andy Scott, NCTA; Bob Seidel, CBS; Dave
Siegler, Cox Media Group; Peter Symes, SMPTE; John Taylor, LG Electronics; and
Yiyan Wu, CRC (representing IEEE).

announcing the new elections, the ATSC also thanked a number of retiring board
members whose terms expire at the end of 2012. These include current Chairman
John Godfrey, Samsung; Jay Adrick, Harris Broadcast; Tony Caruso, CBC, Craig Todd, Dolby
Laboratories; and Wayne Luplow, Zenith (representing IEEE).