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AT&T TV to Allow Up to 20 Simultaneous Streams

(Image credit: ATT)

AT&T says it’s listening to its homebound customers and is increasing the number of simultaneous streams available on its AT&T TV platform from three to 20. 

The telecom said the change will occur automatically for customers starting Thursday, and it won’t affect the price of the service. 

Notably, users can only engage in 20 simultaneous streams from one IP address. Out-of-home streams—those not tied to the same IP address—are limited to three. 

Also, some of AT&T’s programming deals restrict it from offering 20 simultaneous streams for certain networks, notably Fox channels, Starz, Showtime, the NHL Network and PBS. 

AT&T said it is also turning its 500-hour DVR service, a $10-a-month add-on, into an unlimited recording offering. The 20-hour cloud DVR, which comes with the base service, is unchanged. 

AT&T finished 2020 down another 5.1 million subscribers across its four pay TV platforms. The telecom is reportedly near a deal to sell a substantial minority stake in DirecTV, U-verse and AT&T TV Now to private equity firm TPG.