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Asheville reporter killed in crash

WLOS-TV Asheville, N.C. anchor Mimi Paige was killed Dec. 15 when a tractor-trailer crashed into the rear-end of her stalled car on a North Carolina highway. The impact that killed the popular 35-year-old anchor sent the truck that hit her car down an embankment, but the driver was not seriously injured. Police charged the truck driver in the accident, noting that some impairment such as alcohol or fatigue was suggested by the absence of skid-marks. Paige was buried in Shreveport, La., where her family lives and where she'd worked at KSLA-TV and KTAL-TV . Her sister, Marsanne Golsby, is press secretary to Louisiana Governor Mike Foster.

There was some initial confusion about Paige's identity. Police originally told station staff covering the accident scene, concerned that Paige was late for work and that the victim's car resembled hers, that the dead woman was not Mimi Paige. Police were unaware, however, that Paige's real name was Mary Alice Golsby.