Arroyo Brings VOD to IPTV

Arroyo Video Solutions Inc. will debut its “Arroyo OnDemand” video-on-demand solution for Internet-protocol TV at the TelcoTV Conference & Expo in San Diego Nov. 9-10, the vendor said Monday.

The company said it will demonstrate: VOD using the H.264 (MPEG-4 AVC) codec; a complete, easy-to-install, IPTV-based VOD solution featuring Arroyo OnDemand running on IBM Corp. “x346 eServers,” integrated with leading middleware and set-tops; the ability of its product to meet the requirements of IPTV markets large and small; and advanced IPTV applications, including network personal video recorders and addressable advertising.

“We're excited to debut our end-to-end on-demand solution for IPTV with so many industry firsts -- the highest-performing, densest solutions for large markets, the most economical solutions for small markets and a range of advanced, revenue-generating services for both," Arroyo CEO Rick DeGabrielle said in a prepared statement.

“This demonstration will also feature Arroyo OnDemand's support for the new H.264 video-compression codec, which allows TV streams to be sent across ADSL [asymmetrical-digital-subscriber-line] telephone lines with lower bandwidth,” he added.