Arroyo Adds Zodiac Games to VOD

Arroyo Video Solutions Inc. and Zodiac Gaming are playing nice together.

The two companies said Tuesday that they have teamed up to provide a solution for the delivery of interactive gaming to digital set-tops.

Using their solution, digital set-tops from the “Arroyo Video Platform” can deliver Zodiac games and Arroyo’s “Always ON" video-on-demand programming simultaneously.

“Not only does the Arroyo Video Platform, through the Arroyo OnDemand application, offer the most advanced VOD capabilities, but now, in combination with Zodiac, we can also offer industry-first games distribution from the same platform,” Arroyo cofounder and CEO Paul Sherer said in a prepared statement.

Zodiac CEO Alex Libkind added, “This capability will enhance the operator's on-demand offering by allowing them to support not only video downloads, but also data downloads, so that games and other advanced on-demand applications that are to be executed from the set-top can be easily delivered via the Arroyo Video Platform.”